What to Put in Your Model Bag

While preparing for your first shoot may be nerve racking, we’ve put together an exclusive list just for you guys to understand what things photographers suggest you bring with you to your

Model Poses

To become successful in the modeling industry, one must learn how to perfect the basic poses for female models based on their personal look. This includes height, weight, face shape,

Things To Keep In Mind Before Your First Portfolio Shoot

It’s natural to get caught up in the excitement of your very first photoshoot and forget everything you thought you may have known about modeling. While you may be nervous no matter what,

Determine Your Skin Tone

Knowing which skin tone you are is extremely important knowledge every women who is into commercial modeling, glamour modeling, and the like should know, however most people don’t! If you don’t know your undertones and

Find out your Face Shape!

There are many reasons why it’s super important to know your face shape, such as determining how to properly contour your face, which haircut will work best for you, finding the pair of