While preparing for your first shoot may be nerve racking, we’ve put together an exclusive list just for you guys to understand what things photographers suggest you bring with you to your first shoot with them. Keep in mind, you will normally receive a list similar to this from your photographer or agency sometime before you arrive. However, a few photographers may be less prepared and expect you to know what you need for their shoot. These are the basics almost every photographer will ask you to bring.

Assisting products:

-Makeup- For touch-ups





-False Lashes (2 pairs)


-Makeup brushes (Various shapes and sizes)

-Makeup Remover- for any makeup running out of place or makeup mishaps

-Skin Toned and Black Undergarments- must have something to wear under any outfit they may give you

-Hair Products


-Hair Ties

-Brush AND Comb

-Straightening/Curling device

-Deodorant and Body Products

-Jewelry- different looks of your favorite jewelry in case you need to add some spice to your outfit!

-Eye drops

-Razors and shaving cream- for many different reasons. If you are wearing anything that may show your bikini area, a 5 o’clock shadow can ruin a whole picture.

-Toothbrush and toothpaste

Clothing Items:

1. Little Black Dress- your favorite, simple little black dress!
2. Favorite pair of jeans
3. Tops- different styles in different colors!
Make sure to bring at least 1 of each of the following, in various colors:
-Long sleeve
-Short sleeve
-Crew neck
-Tank top
-Spaghetti strap
4. Flat Shoes, Sneakers and Heels- any different kind of shoe you could think of that they may ask for, including comfy ones!

Extra things that can be helpful:

-Small Sewing Kit- for any clothing mishaps

-Healthy Snacks and Bottled Water

-Cell Phone Charger- a dead phone can be life threatening in the middle of a shoot!

-Small portable mirror- most photographers will have mirrors there, however it is always good to bring an extra in case they don’t have one readily available


-Tweezers- stray hairs can drive anyone CRAZY!!!

These universal model bag suggestions will help all models be 100% prepared whether you are going to your first shoot or your 100th! 🙂

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