Knowing which skin tone you are is extremely important knowledge every women who is into commercial modeling, glamour modeling, and the like should know, however most people don’t! If you don’t know your undertones and all-over skin tone, how will you find your perfect fit foundation? Or know which color contour palette you should buy? After reading this article you will look flawless in ALL your makeup, 100% of the time!

Understanding the undertones

The first important thing to know is what exactly you are looking for when finding your skin tone. The first thing you must find out is the undertone of your skin. There are three different types of undertones, warm, cool, or neutral. Warm undertones will cause your skin to appear golden, yellow, or peachy. Cool undertones cause blue, pink, or red skin tones. Unable to figure out if you are warm or cool? This most likely means you are neutral. With a neutral undertone, your skin will make it practically impossible to categorize as warm or cool, or it could even look like a mix of all or some of these colors. It can appear olive, yellow or even a shade of pink. Now that you understand the different undertones, it’s time to…

Figure out your undertone!

There are several different ways to pinpoint which undertone your skins reflects. Some of them are fairly easy, while others are a bit more complicated…

The Burn Test

The easiest way to determine your undertone without even having to get up off your couch is to do the burnt test. This just involves thinking about the way you tan, or don’t tan, during a hot day in the sun.

If laying out in the sun all day leaves you with a nice tan and no burning and peeling later, this means that you have warm undertones. People with these undertones tan very fast and easy and rarely ever burn. However this doesn’t mean you should completely throw out your SPF! No matter what skin tone you are it is important to remember sun will still damage your skin whether you’re bright red and peeling or a nice crispy tan. The only reason why we age is because of gravitational forces acting on us and radiation from the sun, so always wear your sunblock when going outside!

You go home after a nice day of swimming and lounging around and immediately head for your bottle of aloe vera- you probably have cool undertones. Anyone with blue or pinkish tones will find themselves burning extremely easily, or even just not tanning in general. If laying out for days on end leaves you with the same shade you were mid-December, you probably also have these cool undertones.

“I tan very slowly, but I rarely ever burn!” Ahh yes, the beloved neutral toned goddess! If you can get a nice, gorgeous tan after a longer amount of time under the sun, with no itchy red burns, you have the easiest undertone there is. People with neutral undertones have the easiest time finding foundations and powders that fit them as there skin tone will match with almost any product.

The Vein Test

Another wonderfully easy test that you don’t have to get out of bed for! The only thing you’ll need is a good set of eyeballs! Look at the inside of your wrist and glace at the veins, if they are…

Blue or purple, this mean you have cool tones.

Any shade of green, you have warm tones.

Indistinguishable, if you can’t tell what specific color your veins are then you have neutral tones

The Foundation Test.

The last super simple test we have for you is the foundation test.

Grab the shade of foundation that matches your skin tone best, one for warm tones and one for cool.

Apply a line of this onto either your neck or chest.

Whichever one totally blends into your skin is your true match, and you’ve just figured out your undertone! If they both seamlessly disappear, you got lucky enough to have neutral undertones!

Once you have done any of these tests and you know your skin tone, you are ready to get perfect, skin matching makeup every time and be prepared to live your daily life! Whether it’s going to a model casting or taking your professional head shots, you will always look flawless.

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