It’s natural to get caught up in the excitement of your very first photoshoot and forget everything you thought you may have known about modeling. While you may be nervous no matter what, these tips will help you develop a confident approach and help to make your pictures amazing!

Tip #1

One super important thing to remember is to know the people you are working with and do your best to identify the professionals from just any random person with a camera claiming to be a photographer. Be careful who you allow to take your pictures and take the extra step to look through their past work and even consider reaching out to models they have worked with previously and asking any questions or concerns you may have.

Tip #2

Listen to Others

Most models do not realize what is needed to get that perfect image until after their first shoot, however your photographer and your modeling firm (if you decide to work with one) can be very helpful in getting you prepared.

-Once you find a photographer with a credible reputation, one important thing to keep in mind is to listen to what they are telling you. A professional photographer and other professionals in the industry are experienced and know what they are looking for in their pictures.

-If they tell you a certain pose, outfit, or makeup style is not working for you- LISTEN TO THEM! They have done this several times and are only there to help make you look the best you possibly can.

-You can also look at various modeling company’s websites, such as ours, and the models profiles on them. As you can see, their portfolios are made of raw, natural, and black & white photos. These are the type of pictures your first shoot will involve, so be sure to carefully study them!

Tip #3

Look at Magazines

The best thing you can do to prepare yourself for your photoshoot is to look at pictures that other models have already taken. This can be done by looking through beauty and fashion magazines such as Vogue, Cosmo, and many others!

-Looking at these pictures will help you get a feel for not only what other models in the industry are doing, but also will help you find an aesthetic that you love.

-You will notice you are drawn to certain types of pictures, be it a pastel look, grunge vibes, or pictures with fun colorful lighting, recognizing which look you are drawn to most will help you determine the type of look and modeling you are interested in.


While finding an aesthetic that works well with you is important, it’s also crucial to see which poses work best with your body type, face shape, and hair style.

-Look for models that have an appearance similar to yours and copy the poses that they are doing. This will help you because the pictures posted in magazines are the best of the best, therefore the poses that you see them doing are the #1 poses to optimize their beauty.

Here is our model guide to poses.

Tip #4

Knowing the People That Will Assist You

-Try to get more information about the people who’ll accompany you on the shoot. It’s always helpful to have a collaborator on board such as a hair, makeup, or clothing stylist.

-Make sure to ask your photographer, or whoever will be doing your shoot, any questions you may have. They will almost always tell you what to put in your model bag. If they do not give you a specific list, you can look at our universal model bag suggestions here.

-Ask beforehand how they prefer you to have your hair and makeup done. Some photographers prefer a completely natural look, while others would rather you have heavier “glam” look.

Be calm and remember that simply portraying yourself as confident can work wonders, no matter how nervous you are! Have fun, be your true self, and never hesitate to show the world what you’ve got!

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