There are many reasons why it’s super important to know your face shape, such as determining how to properly contour your face, which haircut will work best for you, finding the pair of glasses that fit you best, along with many other things. These things are very important for you working in the modeling industry to know and for you to be able to use in your daily life, so you are able to look perfect at every professional shoot, booking, and event. Follow the steps listed below to find yours today!

Step 1

The first step in determining your face shape is figuring out which part of your face is the widest. This can be done by measuring each area of your face and comparing the width to each other.

1. Widest forehead- If your forehead is the widest part of your face, your face shape probably falls under inverted triangle or heart shaped. The next steps will help you in determining the difference.

2. Widest at cheekbones- Oval, round, diamond and heart-shaped faces all fall under the category of having the widest part of your face fall at your cheekbones. However, the shape of your jaw can greatly affect which shape is truly yours.

3. Widest jaw- Having your jaw as the widest area of your face almost always means you have a pear shaped face. If this is ture, there is no need to measure anymore face areas as we have already found your shape! Skip to pear to understand what your shape means about you!

4. All equal- If every area of your face is equal, this means you either have a long or square face. Your result is greatly affected by your jaw shape and length of your face, so keep reading to find your true match!

Step 2

The second step is to figure out which category your jaw shape falls under. Just simply look at your jaw, does it look…

1. Round- If your jaw looks round, this can indicate a round face. However, it can also cause you to be classified as having an oblong or oval face. This all depends on the length of your face, so go to step 3 to learn more!

2. Pointy- This can indicate a few different shapes, such as diamond, inverted triangle, or heart shaped. The way to tell these shapes apart is by looking at the rest of your face and how it compares to your chin. Is your forehead the widest part of your face? This means your face shape is either classified as inverted triangle or heart shaped. To figure out which one, move on to step 4 to narrow it down to your shape. Are your cheekbones the widest part of your face, with a narrow forehead and chin? If so, that means you have a diamond shaped face.

Diamond Face Shape

3. Square- The most common face shape that comes along with having a square jaw is a square or rectangle face. The only way to truly determine which one you have is to measure the length of your face in step 3! You have a square face when all of your facial features are approximately the same width. However, once in a while when you have a square jaw it also can mean that you have a triangle shaped face. This occurs when your forehead is far narrower than the jaw itself.

Square Face

Triangle Face Shape

Step 3

Third step to figuring out your unique face shape is measuring the length of your face, then comparing to the width of your other features.

1. Long- Your face shape is considered oblong if it’s length is greater than its width, all your facial features are also equal in length, and you have a slightly rounded jaw. If you have a long face and a squared jaw, this means you have a rectangle shaped face!

Oblong Face Shape

Rectangle Face Shape

2. Average- Is your face slightly longer than it is wide, with your cheekbones being the widest part of your face, and a rounded chin? If all that is true, your face shape is described as oval! However, if your chin is pointed, you either have a heart shaped face or an inverted triangle. Step 4 will give you insight to which of the two shapes you fit under.

Oval Shaped Face

3. Short- Your face is short when the length and the width are about equal. When you fit under this description and your jaw is also rounded, you have a round face shape.

Round Face

Step 4

The final step before knowing your face shape is to determine whether or not you have a widows peak. This will help those with a pointy chin to determine if they have a heart shaped face or an inverted triangle.

1. Widows peak- If your cheekbones and forehead are about equal in length and you do have a widows peak, you have a heart shaped face.

Heart Shape

2. No widows peak- Your forehead is the widest part of your face and you do not have a widows peak, you have an inverted triangle.

Inverted Triangle

This guide will help you gain all the understanding of face shape and how to determine yours. Once you have this information, along with your skin tone, you will be able to do your makeup like all the women at top modeling agencies and have it look absolutely perfect every time!

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